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        ABOUT US

        CONTACT US

        Add: Economic Development Zone of Yutai County, Shandong Province
        MP(Song Wei):+86-15506378838 13805376928

        Company Profile

        Jining Antai mine equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Was established in June 2005, is located in yutai county shandong province. Its modern joint-stock enterprise which focused on the the R&D and sale of mining mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing. Its famous for the " Chinese industry pioneer demonstration unit ", "China's mining pump manufacturing top 10 enterprises", "national high-tech enterprise",.And is the most creativity and influential one of mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

        Antai company covers an area of 200,100 square meters , fixed assets of nearly 200 million RMB , has 120000 square meters of modern production workshop and standardized research laboratory and the comprehensive office building; The equipments used for R&D and testing are over 500.

        With science and technology research and development center, and fluid mechanical engineering research center of jiangsu university, China university of petroleum, Beijing institute of technology, Shanghai university and other scientific research institutes has established the industry-university-institute cooperation, cooperation to develop a variety of new products, access to patents and independent intellectual property rights such as scientific and technological achievements and 24 items. Products won the first and the second prize of scientific and technological achievements of Jining coal. won third prize of science and technology, xi 'an, private scientific and technological innovation achievement award, third prize of China machinery industry science and technology, and the tenth China patent new technology products expo gold award. Products through the ISO9001 quality system certification ", "adopting international standard certification", "energy saving product certification", "qualified certification", "AAA grade standardization good behavior authentication". In 2010 was rated as shandong famous brand "AnLiTai" brand pumps, 2011 "AnLiTai" trademark was rated as shandong famous trademark, in 2012 won the "consumer satisfaction units in shandong province", "provincial enterprise technology center".

        Antai company with an annual output of 60000 units of mine submersible electric pump, main products including mining flameproof submersible sewage and sand pumps, high power high voltage emergency drainage pumps and so on 5 big series more than 400 varieties, widely used in coal mine, petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy and other industries. After continuous development and innovation, antai product quality has been at the forefront of the industry. High quality products and perfect after-sales service, won the customers trust and praise. Product sales in shandong, henan, jiangsu, anhui, hebei, shaanxi, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, guizhou, xinjiang, sichuan, such as a dozen provinces and municipalities, autonomous regions, and exported to Russia, India and southeast Asia countries and regions.

        "Antai people" willing to work with you hand in hand, altogether will create the glorious future!


        Copyright 2013 Jining Antai mine equipment manufacturing Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved
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