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        CONTACT US

        Add: Economic Development Zone of Yutai County, Shandong Province
        MP:+86-15506378838 13805376928

        Customer Service

        Ji'ning Antai Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd promises solemnly on the company's product quality and service:

        We promise to provide customers good before-sales and after-sales service, introduce the products properties and operating requirements to customers before the order, provide related data and act as a good advisor.

        Our company will make a reply and arrange the after-sales staff as soon as receiving the notice from the customer to solve the problems occurred in using the product.

        Constantly improve product quality, improve the properties of products timely according to customers' demand.

        In case of any non-human quality problems of the products that occurred in the warranty period, we will undertake free services and repairs.

        After the warranty period of the product expires, favorable prices will continue to be provided for the spare parts and other services that the product needs.

        Provide mining pump's whole solution, support equipment and products of key project, promise to exchange according to requirements of the contract, delegate professional technique service personnel to instruct the installment and debugging if needs until the equipment operates normally.


        Nationwide service hotline:4006183816


        Copyright 2013 Jining Antai mine equipment manufacturing Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved
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