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        ABOUT US

        CONTACT US

        Add: Economic Development Zone of Yutai County, Shandong Province
        MP(Song Wei):+86-15506378838 13805376928

        Development Course
        •In 2005, Jining Antai Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded by reconstructing the former state-owned enterprises.

        •In 2006, the company cooperated with Jiangsu University to jointly set up the mining pump research and development center for the research and development of the high-tech products.

        •In 2007, it successfully developed the BQS110-220 - kw series mining flameproof sewage desilting submersible pumps

        •In 2008, the "AnliTai" trademark was registered, the diversified, large-scale, collective and international development plan was made.

        •In July, 2009, the company new site to break ground in the development zones, and the whole relocation of old factory was completed after 4 months.

        •In 2010, it has successfully developed the BQS250~315kW series¡¯ mining flame-proof & sewage/desilting drainage submersible pump and QYF series¡¯ mining pneumatic desilting/sewage sewage pump

        •In 2011, the company has 24 items of independent intellectual property rights such as patents and scientific and technological achievements, and achieved the annual production capacity of 60000 units, the annual sales revenue reached 140 million RMB, and the annual sales of more than 30000 units.

        •In 2012, the project of 6kV/10kV high voltage & high power strong exhaust pump was approved, researched and developed and started up. Two companies, namely AnliTai Explosion-proof Electrical appliances and Jingtai Wear-resistant Material, are formally established, thus Antai has successfully built AnliTai Group, entering into a new era of collectivization development.

        •In 2013, Jining Minglun Precision Machinery Co., Ltd successfully joined AnliTai Group

        Copyright 2013 Jining Antai mine equipment manufacturing Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved
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