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        BQ Flame-proof Sewage & Desilting Submersible Pump for Mine

        Detailed introduction:

        BQ high pressure forced draining flame-proof submersible electric pumps for mine are the latest large-sized drainage facilities for mine jointly researched and developed by our company and Henan Mine Emergency Drainage Disaster Relief Center. As the largest professional rescue emergency drainage base in China, Henan Mine Emergency Drainage Disaster Relief Center possesses strong technical force and has successively relieved disasters and discharge water from more than 140 domestic mine, accumulated rich experience in the rescue and drainage, and undertook many provincial technology developing projects. Our company has been dedicated to the research & development and production of the flameproof submersible desilting electric pump for mine, and with advanced technologies and equipments and strong force of manufacturing, it has won several national and provincial science and technology progress prizes. The design and manufacture of BQ high pressure flameproof submersible pumps for mine are carried out by comprehensively using the advanced production technologies and the rich experience of Henan Mine Emergency Drainage Disaster Relief Center in mine emergency drainage rescue practice. This product consists of double suction or single-suction multi-stage centrifugal pump and water filling high-voltage submersible three-phase asynchronous motor and operates under water as a complete appliance. The product has a lot of advantages, such as safety, reliability, advanced structure, sophisticated technology, reasonable materials, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

        Main Application
        This series of product are designed and manufactured according to the explosive environment depicted in GB3836.1-2010.
        Part 1: General requirements for equipment and GB3836.2-2010 Explosive environment;
        Part 2: As demonstrated in equipment specifications of the flameproof casing "d" protection, flameproof type is chose for explosion proofing, and the label is Exdl. This type of flameproof is suitable for normal drainage of mines with explosive gas atmosphere containing methane or coal dust as well as rescue and  disaster relief and drainage for mine recovery in flooded mines.

        Application Conditions
        1. Voltage: 6,000 V or 10,000 V
        2. Media: PH4-10
        3. Ambient water temperature:50
        4. Solid content:10%
        5. Mounting type: vertical, horizontal, or diagonal
        6. Subduction depth:700m, but the lowest flooding water level should be not less than the upper plane of outlet flange of non-return valve

        Significant features
        1.High-efficiency and energy-saving: High-efficient hydraulic model, with high pumping efficiency, wide high efficient range, and significant energy-saving effect.
        2.Safety and flameproof: Water filling in motor, flameproof structure, operation under water, sufficient thermal dissipation of motor, non-overload design for total head, safe operation assurance, non

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