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        QYF pneumatic desilting pump for mine

         ★Product video:

        QYF intellectual energy-efficient pneumatic desilting pump for mine is a series of proprietary desilting equipment at international leading level with self-innovation and independent research. Compressed air commonly used in mining industry offers driving force to this series of pump. In accordance with Venturi effect, efficient vacuum generator component is obtained to realize the reutilization of compressed air, which reduces energy consumption on the basis of superior performance. Unmanned or one man easy operation after starting up is brought about, which greatly emancipates labor force and lowers production cost. This product is especially in application of pumping materials with high solid content, as it features good treatment efficiency for high concentration slurry such as slurry, coal slurry, etc. containing coal rock, slag, sawdust, metal, etc., it is extremely suitable for fields such as coal mine slurry, oil-based slurry, scrap concrete, municipal sewage, aluminum mud, river dredging, etc.

         Traditional desilting mechanism is usually driven by electric or combustion motor. Moving parts have direct contact with conveyed medium, which leads to serious abrasion, high failure rate and short service life. It not only brings users with material waste like extensive equipment maintenance and update, but also results in lower overall efficiency. Meanwhile, for safety, its application range is considerably limited. Nevertheless the desilting pump developed by our company driven by compressed air commonly used in mining industry, and the equipment is free from any damage no matter unit operating with idling or overload. And moving parts are totally isolated from conveyed material, as there are no rotating parts like impeller which usually appears in traditional similar equipments, which enables this product with features of high solid flow capacity and stable and effective operation, and considerably reduces equipment maintenance cost; furthermore, it is convenient to move the device and the range of conveyed media is extremely wide, thus multi-purpose can be realized to save numerous cost and manpower of users.

         Researching and manufacture of such desilting unit does not only fill in the blank of domestic equipment in certain fields, but also act as appropriate replacement for many existing similiar equipments, offering a new choice for petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, municipal engineering, architecture, etc. It breaks the monopoly of foreign major companies, and has broad market prospects.
         ★Advantages and features

         ·High sewage passing capability, capable of pumping fluid materials with high solid content. 
         ·Totally pneumatic product, without any electronic devices, safe and reliable.
         ·Compact construction of ingenious design, capable of realizing automatic operation.
         ·Moving parts do not contact with materials, free of abrasion, with stable operation and long service life.
         ·Idling or overload does no damage to the equipment, simply maintenance.
         ·Small size, light weight, mobile flexible, operation convenience, wide range of application.
         ·Low energy consumption, energy efficient and environment friendly

         ★Work conditions:
         a) Desilting pump submerges via inlet of suction pipe.
         b) delivered medium temperature does not exceed 40℃.c) Operating ambient temperature ranges from 5℃to 40℃.
         d) Medium to be delivered has PH value ranging from 4 to 10.
         d) Solid particle has a maximum diameter of 20mm
         e)Proper air pressure is 0.40MPa~0.70MPa.

         ★Model description (example):

         ★Model example:
         QYF20-20 refers to pneumatic desilting pump for mine delivering sewage, waste and sludge with rated flow of 20 m3/h and rated head of 20 m.

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